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DeliverNJ is a leading source of information and advocacy on behalf of New Jersey’s e-commerce, logistics, and transportation industries. 

New Jersey is a nucleus of all aspects of the region’s supply chain – international shipping, inter-modal transport, our vastly expanding warehouse and distribution industry and related Last Mile Delivery.

These burgeoning New Jersey industries are the main economic success story of our time, much like the pharmaceutical industry was to our State a generation ago. Yet until DeliverNJ there has not been an advocacy group exclusively dedicated to advance the interests of New Jersey as a robust logistics marketplace.

The mission of DeliverNJ is to develop positions of common ground among the leaders of New Jersey’s eCommerce, Logistics and Transportation industries and to advocate such positions in the public arena.

Message from the Chairman

Leading executives in the New Jersey logistics industry came together as DeliverNJ to create a source of information and advocacy for the economic interests of the industry as a whole. While New Jersey, with all of its roads, rail connections and seaports, has always been a leader in logistics, the explosion of e-commerce and the warehousing industry promises that logistics will be New Jersey’s leading industry in the future. The founders of DeliverNJ saw the need for an advocacy organization that would advance this growing industry in our state. 

DeliverNJ speaks on behalf of all sectors of the logistics industry, the most rapidly expanding segment of our economy, including warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, last mile delivery, international shipping, and all forms of inter-modal transport. Our membership is open to all who support these industries.


Tom Heimgartner

President, Best Transportation